After two weeks marching through Israel and the West Bank, the Journey to Peace 2017 culminated on October 8th. in Jerusalem, when more than 5.000 women, ma, children, Jewish, Arabs, lay and religious, gathered in the “Peace Tent”, where women and children crafted signs reading “peace be upon you” in Arabic and Hebrew, and participants beat drums and rattled tambourines.

More than 5.000 women marching through the desert to Jerusalem in a call for peace.


Dressed in white, the women descended through the arid hills leading to the river demanding an Israeli-

Patchwork made from drawings and needleworks hanging from a grid of the Women Wage Peace camp.

Palestinian peace deal, putting an end to the decades-long Middle East conflict, and guarantee women have equal representation in negotiations.

“We are women from the right, the left, Jews and Arabs, from the cities and the periphery and we have decided that we will stop the next war,” said Marie-Lyne Smadja, one of the founders of Women Wage Peace, the non political organization responsible for the demonstration. “Israeli women want to prevent the next war if possible and try as soon as possible to reach an agreement between Israelis and Palestinians,” she said.

Women Wage Peace is a rapidly growing grassroots Israeli movement of over 25,000 women (and men!) united across all traditional dividing lines – political, religious, ethnic, social andgeographic. It was founded three years ago in the midst of deep despair and cynicism in the aftermath of Operation Protective Edge/the 2014 Gaza War in order to reclaim hope and take action for a viable future for their region.


As  Women Wage Peace Ambassador in Italy, Multi Method Languages was present in the October 8th. event, walking together with this courageous women.

Join and help us spread the message! Peace is not a utopia!


“Peace is possible when women of integrity and faith stand up for the futures of their children”

Laymah Gbowee, peace activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner.